You Are Dead. You Are Here.

This hybrid performance was an exploration of the experiences of an American soldier with PTSD alternating with video accounts of and an Iraqi girl blogger. Much of the emotional environment of their stories was created through the visual elements. Evans, professor of playwriting at Georgetown is a social justice writer, and her choice of subject matter, poetic style, and collaborative work method were a perfect match for my artistic sensibilities.


19, a design-based devised piece was based on Chinese dissident Liao Yiwu’s essay, 19 days, an account of memory over a 19 year period on each yearly anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Starting our process with only designers and the director in the room, we responded to the text using a technique based on an exercise that I use in my design classes, “poetic sensual imaging.” This exercise used impulses and physical senses to ask, “What do you see? What do you hear?” Through this technique, we began to create poetic images that expressed the text.

The Arabian Nights

At Lafayette College, our production of The Arabian Nights was an ancient story with a modern approach. This was an opportunity to reimagine a famous collection of stories in the context of modern Iraq with an Iraqi woman recounting the stories to an American soldier. Through this lens, the stories gained a different political and cultural perspective. Set in a modern Iraqi bazaar where old and new worlds collide, the passageways in an old converted mosque and the barrage of sights and sounds of a modern outdoor market created a rich visual landscape.


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