The Winter's Tale

Shakespeare in Clark Park, an annual tradition, brings top-quality local actors to perform classic Shakespearean works and are incredibly well attended. Just one Saturday night performance can attract more than 1,000 people and their picnics. For SCP's tenth anniversary production of The Winter’s Tale, I worked closely with the director and puppet designer to create a whimsical, interactive environment for this outdoor production which integrated a chorus of 25 children and a large-scale bear puppet into the story. As with many outdoor environments, the key function of the scenery was to keep the audience focused on the action while also allowing the actors to connect with the audience. The result was a minimal flexible fabric environment that the actors moved as part of the action of the play.

William Shakespeare
Kittson O'Neil
Lighting Designer: 
Maria Shaplin
Costume Designer: 
Jillian Rose Keyes
Venue : 
Shakespeare in Clark Park, Philadelphia