A community is disrupted when a mysterious young man joins a church youth group in this extraordinary new play by “U.S. theatre’s next major voice” (Broad Street Review). Wyatt, a self-proclaimed non-believer, arrives and miracles start to occur.  Youth pastor Dave and his flock of young congregants must grapple with the meaning behind these remarkable events, even as they wrestle with their own issues of identity, sexuality and faith.

Play Development

NEW PLAY DESIGN LAB, BAY AREA PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL Through both the Paul Franz, Jr. Fellowship and a Lehigh Faculty Research grant, I created and was the director of The New Play Design Lab with the Playwrights Foundation, San Francisco, CA during my first two summers at Lehigh. Through my twelve year relationship with the foundation and my development experience, I realized that a very rich opportunity for designers existed within their annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival.


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