Our Lady of 121st Street

Our Lady of 121st Street was a fast-paced play requiring multiple locations, all in the context of Spanish Harlem. Because of my close proximity to NYC, I conducted my own visual research of the neighborhood with my camera. This research trip had a direct influence on my design, which featured a landscape of illuminated signs to establish a sense of this unique neighborhood, while spinning walls changed the interior locations between scenes.


Urinetown was Lehigh’s first musical in many years, and was quite a task to present with a full live orchestra on our thrust stage. My design for the musical satire about environmental disaster, based on Russian Constructivism, was an enormous expanded steel mesh multi-level deck and spiral ramps on top of a trapped floor which held a live orchestra underneath.

The Belle's Stratagem

The Belle’s Strategem, an18th century comedy of manners, featured a number of building challenges: a large scale curved canopy piece that held a moving curtain, a series of flying “story-book” style moving walls with detailed mouldings, and a complex mosaic marble floor with a rotating outer ring. A great deal of time was devoted to bending various types and widths of pipe materials for the canopy while the circular track was created for the moving ring with the help of our engineering students. Other students became very adept faux marble painters, a lengthy multi-step process.


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