Act Like You Know 10th Anniversary Show

Hip Hop theatre is alive and well at Lehigh University! Showcasing a mash-up of performance styles including dance, rap, spoken word and more; this show remixes and adapts 10 years of memorable acts from professor Kashi Johnson's innovative Hip Hop theatre course Act Like You Know.' Inspired by the inclusive and dynamic aesthetic of hip-hop, Act Like You Know offers a space for the exploration of self and social justice that extends beyond the classroom.


Violet, a musical journey across America during the 1960s, presented the same challenge of orchestra placement combined with multiple scene changes. The solution came in the form of a two-level set of a bus stop with the orchestra housed within the interior of the bus stop. The outside tiled area was used as the main playing space where chairs were rearranged through clever staging and strategic lighting to create different locations.


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