Every Tongue Confess

Every Tongue Confess was a lyrical play that moved between the real and spiritual world that called for a blending of naturalistic, historical and fantastical imagery. The central design element was a large sculptural tree reminiscent of African jungles and the bottle trees of the American south combined with rough-hewn wooden floors and red clay earth that served as the world of the dead. Before the build, I felt it was important for students to understand the context of their work.

Kind Ness/Minnesota

Two short plays by contemporary American writers exploring otherness and identity in a multimedia approach. Kind Ness by Ping Chong - In this coming of age comedy, six characters make their way from elementary school in the 1950s through college and beyond. With a Vaudevillian flair, projections, music and movement, Kind Ness ingenuously – and ingeniously – explores what it means to be an outsider. Recipient of the 1988 USA Playwrights Award, Kind Ness provokes and amuses while evoking themes of harmony and discord, likeness and dissimilarity and ultimately, racism and bias.

Something From Nothing

This piece was completely devised by Lehigh University students. A devised piece can be anything. On the first day of rehearsal, the piece had the potential to be about an infinite number of things. The limitlessness of the possibilities can be overwhelming. We began by experimenting. We told stories one word at a time. We told stories based on themes. We played with character. We stumbled through the dark, looking for a light switch, having faith there was a floor beneath our feet. We started to build a process together.


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