Kind Ness/Minnesota

Two short plays by contemporary American writers exploring otherness and identity in a multimedia approach. Kind Ness by Ping Chong - In this coming of age comedy, six characters make their way from elementary school in the 1950s through college and beyond. With a Vaudevillian flair, projections, music and movement, Kind Ness ingenuously – and ingeniously – explores what it means to be an outsider. Recipient of the 1988 USA Playwrights Award, Kind Ness provokes and amuses while evoking themes of harmony and discord, likeness and dissimilarity and ultimately, racism and bias. Minnesota by George Sand - A charming evocation of rural farm life, with one actor, a musician and cut-out animals – taking place on a kitchen table. This delightful and quirky companion piece to Kind Ness, takes us on a journey through a particular sort of American dream: “It’s a great inland sea with waves of grain and vegetables. It’s a place where farmers raise cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and kids…lots of kids.” ~~the Narrator in Minnesota

Ping Chong and George Sand
Pam Pepper
Lighting Designer: 
Devin Kinch
Costume Designer: 
Erica Hoelscher
Projection Designer: 
Melpomene Katakalos and Devin Kinch
Elizabeth Frino '16, Assistant Scenic Designer and Puppet Designer for Minnesota
Venue : 
Diamond Theatre, Lehigh University