Something From Nothing

This piece was completely devised by Lehigh University students. A devised piece can be anything. On the first day of rehearsal, the piece had the potential to be about an infinite number of things. The limitlessness of the possibilities can be overwhelming. We began by experimenting. We told stories one word at a time. We told stories based on themes. We played with character. We stumbled through the dark, looking for a light switch, having faith there was a floor beneath our feet. We started to build a process together. We began using found objects to create characters —objects left behind and gathered by the cast over the break—asking the question, “Who did this belong to?” We created each character together, each actor adding a brush stroke—a piece of clothing, a physical stance, a way of speaking, a habit—until we had thirty-five different potential characters. Thirty-five is far less than infinite. We began creating scenes for these characters, expanding their worlds, seeing them at work, home, & play, in their element and out of their element. The number of characters reduced to twelve. In the end, we had created nearly a hundred scenes. We chose scenes for each character and began to fill in the environment, using “found” objects provided by our scenic designer—pieces of scaffolding, boxes, random props—to create them. An overall structure for the piece became apparent. The show as a whole began to take shape. The infinite possibilities had become one. There is something so wonderful about coming together as a group to create something from nothing. We hope this production will give you a taste of that spirit of coming together, of spontaneity, and of play, that we experienced in creating it. -Greg Scot Mihalik

Lehigh University students and Greg Scot Mihalik
Greg Scot Mihalik
Lighting Designer: 
Jeffrey Milet
Costume Designer: 
Jessica Barksdale
Venue : 
Diamond Theatre, Lehigh University