Act Like You Know 10th Anniversary Show

Hip Hop theatre is alive and well at Lehigh University! Showcasing a mash-up of performance styles including dance, rap, spoken word and more; this show remixes and adapts 10 years of memorable acts from professor Kashi Johnson's innovative Hip Hop theatre course Act Like You Know.' Inspired by the inclusive and dynamic aesthetic of hip-hop, Act Like You Know offers a space for the exploration of self and social justice that extends beyond the classroom. It fosters an environment that transforms students into creators, exposing them to the creative process that comes along with group performance and enables and encourages students to forge their own path of self-discovery that can only be acquired through vulnerability. Act Like You Know is a show that tells the story of a group of people who bear it all on stage to act like they know what hip-hop is at Lehigh.

Kashi Johnson
Kashi Johnson
Lighting Designer: 
Will Lowry
Costume Designer: 
Pam Richey
Projection Designer: 
Will Lowry
Venue : 
Lehigh University