The Nether

A new sci-fi thriller by Jennifer Haley, directed by Seth Rosin, Artistic Director, takes place in the near future in an interrogation cell and alternately in The Nether, a virtual reality Victorian fantasy world. While many previous productions of The Nether focus on the futuristic aesthetics, we chose to take advantage of the live aspect of theatre – real people in real time, and make the environment as realistic and immersive as possible. This production of The Nether was a Barrymore recommended production.

The Shape of a Bird

The play was initially written by Jean Tay, and then workshopped and further devised by the artistic team, of which I was a part, at a three week workshop in Singapore, followed by a workshop production at the M1 Singapore International Fringe Festival: Art of the Animal. During the workshop period one of the major areas of exploration was how the environment affected the movement and the story, which takes place in both a prison and in the mind of the imprisoned writer. The scenes that took place in the imagination were told visually through shadow and live puppets.


Caught, my Philadelphia theatrical debut - was three years in the making. My company, 2by4, was initially established because I was motivated to develop Chen’s script in San Francisco in 2012. We spent over a year in workshops and readings which culminated in a week-long Design Development Workshop. The play takes the audience on a disorienting journey that begins in an art gallery that goes through a complete transformation. During the workshop, I experimented with visual storytelling by establishing microenvironments and video landscapes to which the audience moved for different scenes.


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