What happens when someone you love dearly begins to fade before your eyes? In this off-Broadway world premiere, Jennifer Blackmer's emotionally-charged drama chronicles the experience of loss and the relationship between a mother and daughter, and the terminal illness that divides them. Philosophy and physics professor Joy sees life through the lens of space and time, having spent much of it seeking the scientific explanations behind the four dimensions.

She Kills Monsters

Entering the gaming world of Dungeons and Dragons with high school teacher Agnes Evan and a nerdy student dungeon master as they navigate high school neuroses and pop culture in search of connection with Agnes' dead sister Tilly via the playbook she left behind. Can we confront our fears through fantasy? Can we experience lost love through our memory and imagination?

Spring Awakening

Based on the 1891 Franz Wedekind play, famously censored and banned throughout Europe and the United States, this musical won eight Tony Awards in 2007, including Best Musical. Employing a hard-driving alternative rock score, this production explores the archetypical theme of the journey from adolescence to adulthood with poignancy and passion. It also asks the questions, what happens when the next generation of adults says “enough” to their elders? What happens when they disagree with an oppressive moral code and define their own?


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